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Jim Dailing

Hey COMAG Members! We are excited to share the replies from our candidate artists available for workshops in 2011. Each artist will have a separate post so you can leave your comment and questions. We will try to answer all questions before our VOTE by the end of March or sooner. After we have all submissions you will be asked to VOTE in our last post and we will keep you informed. Please leave us a comment if you are interested in having COMAG sponsor this artist!

Jim Dailing
Website http://www.jimdailing.com
Email:  jimdailing@mac.com
Stone Setting without Prongs Settings covered would be bead setting, pave, flush setting and a fabricated tapered tube.
Artist Supplies: Jim will supply czs, drill bits, setting burrs needed for setting
Student Supply List
1. 1- 2mm thick band to practice setting stones into. I would suggest at least 4mm wide.
1. Flex shaft
2. a loupe
2. a small light to work under
3. Some means to hold your ring during working, such as an engravers block, GRS system, ring clamp, panavise
4. set of beading tools_________________________________ .
Daily Rate: $350. for one day workshop / $700 for two day workshop
Number of Hours: 7 hours___________
Number of Students: 8____________
Travel Cost $0
Lodging Cost $0
When schedule works for everyone


• University of Portland
• University of Oregon
• Oregon College of Art and Craft
• University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
• Tyler School of Art
• Mendocino Art Center
• Metal Crafting Center-Seattle
Workshops I offer
• The Alchemist’s Workshop
• Stone Setting without Prongs
• Toolmaking for the Jeweler
• Pewtersmithing
• Jewelry making for Teachers
• Flatware Design

Recent Articles
Lapidary Journal, June 2010 “Reinventing the Wedding Ring” by Cathleen McCarthy

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