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Nancy Hamilton

 Hey COMAG Members! We are excited to share the replies from our candidate artists available for workshops in 2011. Each artist will have a separate post so you can leave your comment and questions. We will try to answer all questions before our VOTE by the end of March or sooner.  After we have all submissions you will be asked to VOTE in our last post and we will keep you informed. Please leave us a comment if you are interested in having COMAG sponsor this artist!

 Proposed workshop:  PMC/SHEET Brooch

Nancy Hamilton



I wanted to make jewelry but was NOT going back to college. Nope, no way, you couldn’t make me! So, I became a stained glass artist instead. Eventually, I noticed that the stained glass windows were getting smaller and smaller. Soon, I was making stained glass pendants. (I got really good at cutting tiny pieces of glass!) Deep down, I knew that I really wanted to work with metal, but that school thing bugged me.  So, instead,  I beaded, I wove beads, I crocheted beads. I made ribbon flowers, did Irish crochet.  I made polymer clay beads.  I strung beads.  I wrapped wire.  But, I knew that what I really wanted was metal!  So, after much hemming and hawing, I dragged myself to the registrars office and signed up for that damned jewelry program at our local college. Linda Weiss, my teacher, led me down the metal road.  I knew immediately that I wanted this!  After my first class, I started settting up my studio in our 16′ X 16′ storage shed and we hadn’t even started our first class project yet!  I bought tools that I didn’t know the use for and a small propane torch even though I didn’t know how to solder.  After much experimenting and a whole load of books for reference, I learned to solder.  Linda saved me from completely reinventing the wheel and taught me the rest of what I needed to know.  The books still help and I often jump headlong into stuff I shouldn’t be playing with but, who cares!  I’m having a blast.  When I tell people that I have to work, I am actually saying: ” get out of my way, I want to go play”.

(mugshot from summer 2010.)


After about 10 years, I’m still in that studio I set up.  Except, that now, the studio has totally taken over the storage shed and I finally know what all of those tools are for. I’ve added many, many new tools to my collection. Actually, I’m a self proclaimed “tool whore”. I told myself the other day that I have pretty much everything that I could ever need and should now stop buying tools.  But, immediately, I knew that I was lying – there’s always new tools or a new skill to master.  Who did I think I was kidding?

Dates available: June or July 2011

3 day Workshop $50.00 hourly rate/ $350.00 day for seven hour class

Location: TBA  need facility for 6-12 students

Travel: $350.00

Lodging: $100.00 (artist requests RV site for camper)

Kit Fee: TBA

Demo/Presentation to COMAG members $300.00

Total estimated cost with Demo/presentation $1800.00 (3 day workshop)  


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