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Hey COMAG Members! We are excited to share the replies from our candidate artists available for workshops in 2011. Each artist will have a separate post so you can leave your comment and questions. We will try to answer all questions before our VOTE by the end of March or sooner. After we have all submissions you will be asked to VOTE in our last post and we will keep you informed. Please leave us a comment if you are interested in having COMAG sponsor this artist!

Hi, Sandra,
I would love to come to Oregon to teach– I love the Northwest!
I teach a variety of classes and workshops. I am best knows for teaching titanium coloration, usually together with cold joining and/or piercing, since these skills make a natural combination. I am attaching some sample class descriptions as well as an audio clip about myself. And here is a link to the images I generally use when I lecture about my work and my techniques:
Here is a Facebook page about my work in general

I would recommend a 2 or 3 day workshop, though I’m willing and able to do longer. I charge $400/day for the first 8 students, plus an additional $25 per day per additional student, up to 15. I also need air fare, ground transportation and board. I am willing to stay in a house. I don’t mind cats, I do mind smoking, I prefer my own bathroom.

Generally, I offer a separate free lecture the first evening, open to anyone you like, about 45 minutes then Q&A. Class time is about an hour per day of demo or as needed, the rest one-on-one help with each student. There are no prerequisites per se, but some experience with metals (especially sawing, filing) is helpful. You can set the limit where you wish– more advanced students can absorb more info in less time.
I teach this technique (and others) all over the country, and have done so for years. Most of the details, I developed myself.
I will bring at least one anodizer. Hand-held butane torches will be needed for heat coloring. If soldering is to be included, that’s a whole other set of equipment, of course.
There will be a supply/tool list which will depend on the options chosen and the facility. I bring kits with titanium, instructions, photographs, supplies and written materials, which students must buy for about $45, plus extra metals they can buy if needed.

Please note that Titanium Coloration is my most popular workshop, but others, like Casting in a Flash, or Hinges & Rivets, are also a big hit. There are relatively few metalsmithing techniques I cannot teach!
I hope to hear from you,
Noël Yovovich

Class Proposals

Noël Yovovich




Ranges of duration are listed because classes can be customized– these lengths are suggestions, but classes can be expanded or limited to fit available time.

If what you need is not on this list, please let me know– I am happy to put together a targeted class plan.

Hand-Woven (knit) Chain • 1-2 days

Beginning with large scale and moving to finer sizes, students will learn single and double (Viking) knit chain styles using a dowel, Argentium ™ sterling wire, basic hand tools and a drawplate. Larger-sized chains may be filled with pearls, Swarovski ™ crystals or other beads. Adding end caps and a clasp or toggle turns the chain into a finished piece of jewelry.

[This project can be all cold work, or soldered end caps can be included]

Tools: pliers—round nose, chain nose; cutters; tubing drawplate; rosewood drawplate

Wire Draping and Hammering • 1/2-1 day

Learn the secrets of forming fluid, sinuous curves in bent wire by “draping” the wire rather than “coercing” it, while making a bracelet with an integral clasp. Enhance the wire with selective hammering for a thick-and-thin, caligraphic line. [This is a three-hour segment]. Then add the use of a drawplate to selectively thin parts of your wire to create earrings with built-in earwires, and voluptuous pins and fibulae.

Tools: pliers; cutters; hammers, tumbler with steel shot; drawplate, vise and draw tongs

They Won’t Believe You Made It Ring • 1 day (pairs  well with Wire Draping and Hammering)

Even if you have never worked with metal before, you really can create this stunning hammered-silver band with an 18-karat gold tube setting and your choice of colored faceted stone, in one day. You will be introduced to soldering techniques, hammer-texturing, and tube setting while making a ring you will wear with pride.

Magic  Metal:  Titanium • 1-3 days

Almost like magic, color appears on the surface of this strong, lightweight metal with just the application of heat or electrical current! Learn how to color, texture and even create imagery on titanium, then incorporate it into jewelry designs by piercing and hanging it, riveting, wire wrapping or setting.

Tools: torches, saws, bench pins, pliers, flexshafts and burs, hammers and blocks for rivets, titanium sheet. (Hand-held butane torches provide sufficient heat for this class)

Beyond the Basics: Hinges and Rivets • 2-3 days

Expand your jewelry skills with these two intermediate-level techniques! Rivets allow you to connect objects and materials without soldering. Plastic, wood, enamels, metals– almost any material or object that can be drilled can be fastened to any other with rivets. Hinges open up a whole world of movement to metal objects– and the instructor has developed techniques for creating hinges using rivets, with no soldering! Create sample pieces as you explore ways to use these techniques. Some may even be finished jewelry! Some experience with silver and soldering preferred if soldered (traditional) hinges are to be explored.

Tools: Drills, riveting hammers, steel blocks, soldering set-up (optional), saws, files

Hinges, Rivets and Titanium • 3 days

Titanium coloration combines very well with the above workshop on hinges and rivets. This combination of skills makes for a very intensive three-day experience with time to produce samples as well as some finished work.

Saw Piercing (2or 3 days)

Learn all the tips and tricks for doing piercing to create see-through jewelry pieces or open-work overlays for stone. Creating a design will be covered, plus methods of setting materials that cannot be soldered, including fairly flat found objects such as photographs, feathers, fabric, etc. Settings may be soldered or riveted, no experience necessary.

Casting in a Flash

Imagine creating finished cast pieces in unique organic shapes in record time! That’s just what you can do in this exploration of casting methods both ancient and modern, with no wax, no previous skill necessary—and almost no time! Sand casting, water casting and broom straw casting are among the fun, fast, easy and inexpensive methods you will try in this three-day class. Use leftover silver scrap from previous projects! Silver will also be available for purchase from the instructor. You may bring small hard objects such as twigs to duplicate with sand casting. Finishing and adding bails and findings will also be covered.

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